Collective Story

Two children
Child Rights focus within Shams Platform

The basic idea:

The idea here is to have a novel and an anime, very much like Harry Potter or any other novel/show, except that this one advocates child rights, and is written with children. Going even further, the heroes of the novel/show can be refugees or marginalized children.

Children creating, children learning:

This project is special not only because of the final product, being a novel or a show, but because while children write and produce it, they can learn a lot. So while children co-create a product for other children, they learn about their child rights, develop their communications skills and have fun creating.

The story line:

We can add a basic story line just to inspire the creative process. Children can take it from there or reinvent. So perhaps the heroes can be two refugee children, who experience many adventures on their journey of growth and independence. By having the heroes as two refugee children we can support refugees, build tolerance, while introducing other human rights.

Working strategy:

Our initial hope is that this could be an actual novel and anime that people from all around the world can enjoy. A story like Harry Potter or Death Note or many others. This story does not have to be only in Arabic and it does not speak to Arabs only. It actually bypasses all that. It can even be sold and make money. And even if it fails to make money, at least the project would be a learning exercise about human rights for children who engage in writing the novel. A connection between our child rights projects and children’s creative spirits. Not only for readers.

To reduce uncertainty, we wanted to go to a relevant environment and write first. To discuss with children and do a co-writing exercise with them. Just as Harry Potter was first a novel. Then, after producing a novel and some drawings, we can move beyond. What supports this project further is that there is already a creative children online group formed for children who like to draw/write. The group was formed as part of the follow-up to the summer project with ARMA and we can begin drawing/writing/creating.

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