You probably won’t believe it, but in some societies men stay at home to take care of children, they clean the house and the women go work outside and make important decisions.

That is called Matriarchy. Will you be scared if women become stronger in your society? Will it make you feel less of a “Man” or a “Woman”?

Why do you think men are in control most of the time? Why do you think that women work a lot inside their houses, and outside, while still getting less wages than men? It’s because in the past, physical power was very important, and men are generally physically stronger.

Yet physical force is becoming less important in today’s world. A girl can have a lot of motivation and learn how to code for example, and begin making a lot of money, while a guy could be lost in his daydreams and fail to get as much success, even through he could be physically stronger. Ownership matters as well. If a man has a land, he wants to make sure it is passed to his siblings, so he should be certain who his children are. That is one of the origins of the idea of monogamy, that for every woman there is a single sexual partner, and that she would mostly be punished for having others. That is mostly more present in peasant and pastoral societies.

The role of the father or the important man is very well established in our societies. We are always waiting for the hero to save us, the hero is often a man. There is always a leader who we want to trust and throw everything into, and we often see that as a man. When we are afraid, we want to feel that there is an external force that makes us safe, and that is an extinction of the feeling your parents teach you when you are young if you were lucky. To be safe.

The problem arises when the authority of the father does not allow you to become independent. When you are not allowed to think nor discuss things, where you are taught to only follow orders. Whole societies can be like that, where many people just learn things and act accordingly, without thinking about them. You could be punished for not thinking or acting as others.

For a long time, people thought the earth was flat. The scientist who proved it was more of a sphere, was killed badly by the church people. After a while, these societies could become dead somehow, stuck in the boxes of their minds and not moving forward. So many powers try to control the thing we call culture, because it goes into people’s minds. The world has moved forward now.

Many people everywhere use very advanced technologies like cellphones and computers, consuming very advanced technologies while maintaining closed minds. Change is scary, many still see women as less, and follow orders without thinking. There is often a system or structure in society, sometimes it’s successful, maintaining the dignity and prosperity of people, many times it’s a failure, making people miserable and trapped. That is exactly when it starts changing. Change takes time.