Shams Platform

A platform for life-changing ideas.

Shams Platform is a space for important ideas that we don’t learn at school, but it takes us long years of suffering to find. Often simple ideas that can change everything. We use videos and some articles and translations, and we talk about varying topics including Cinema, human rights, democracy, psychology, philosophy, the future, and more. All in ways that relate to how we live. The platform is open and it welcomes creations and participation and ideas…

Meet our coming programs ❤


Empowering Wellbeing and Rights after Covid-19.

The Collective Project

A collective story written collectively!

The Polar Bear

Giving the environment a human voice.

Creative Workshops

Developing our creative skills and spirit.

Shams Platform is a place where you find amazing ideas!

Schools don’t teach us how to live or what our rights are. What democracy is for and what to do with life. Shams Platform is a collaborative place for us to learn that.

Shamsplatform is a platform for simple ideas that can change everything.

Our Campaign “How we Turn off the Siren”

An inspiring campaign we achieved together to empower young people against the impact of Covid-19. Read more here.

Masar: A youth initiative to support children after the Gaza war.

Masar uses online media to help parents know when their children need help, and where they can find it. Read more here.